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WhatsApp Bot

Our WhatsApp Bot allows you to engage with customers 24x7 on the popular social media platform WhatsApp, as per your requirement for sales, support and sharing information with clients. It also allows you to collate client information.

How it Works

A WhatsApp Bot is a chatbot or software program with which your customers can interact over WhatsApp. It thus helps increase customer engagement over a platform they use every day – several times a day. Driven by AI, Machine Learning, etc, it simulates and processes human conversation and hence represents you while managing customer issues. For customers it is almost like interacting with another human being, and this helps enhance the customer experience.

Business Advantages
  • Connect with prospects, customers, new leads, vendors and even your own team.
  • Send automatic replies when people write to your numbers.
  • Attends to customer needs 24x7 via WhatsApp.
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